Goldene Löwe (Golden Lion) Award from Radio Luxembourg

The Löwe von Radio Luxemburg was a radio and television prize which Radio Luxemburg and RTL Radio gave to artists in the genre of pop music from 1959 to 1995. There were 4 types of award ... Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorary.

Heintje received his first Golden Lion in 1968 for the song Zwei kleine Sterne and the second in 1969 for the song Heidschi Bumbeidschi. On both occassions the awards were presented in the Gruga-halle, Essen.


Goldene Europa (Golden Europe) Award

The Goldene Europa award is the oldest German Television award for artists and entertainers. It was awarded by Radio Saarland from 1968 to 2003 to the most successful artist of the year. Heintje received this award in 1969 in Wiesbaden.


Platinum Disc presented in Cannes

At the Midem '70 ceremony in Cannes, at the Hotel Majestic on 20th January, 1970 Heintje received a platinum disc. He was the first European artist to achieve this astounding feat. The trophy was given for 2,000,000 sales of the LP Heintje.

Grand Gala du Disque Populaire Edison Award

The Edison award is an annual Dutch music prize, awarded for outstanding achievements in the music industry. It is one of the oldest music awards in the world, having been presented since 1960.

The award of the 1969 Edison had a record number of categories and distinctions; a total of 24 awards. The winners were announced in September 1969, but received their prizes during the Grand Gala du Disque on 27th February, 1970 in Amsterdam. The telecast was provided by AVRO and was hosted by Mies Bouwman and Willem Duys.

Heintje received his award for the song Ich Sing' ein Lied für Dich and was presented to him by Maurice Chevalier. Special dispensation was granted by Queen Juliana for Heintje to perform as Dutch law of the time didn't allow children under 16 to give public performances.


Die Goldene Leinwand (Golden Screen) Award

The Goldene Leinwand is an award created in 1964 by the HDF ("Hauptverband Deutscher Filmtheater e.V.", literally translated "Federal Association For Movie Theatres") and the journal Filmecho/Filmwoche. Like a Gold Record, it is a sales certification. The award is bestowed on film distributors for having provided a film of feature-length which sold more than 3,000,000 tickets within 18 months.

There were 3 films in which Heintje appeared that have received this award ...

Die Lümmel von der ersten Bank – Zum Teufel mit der Penne in 1969, Hurra, die Schule brennt! in 1970, and Heintje – Ein Herz geht auf Reisen also in 1970.


Bambi Award

The Bambi Award originated in 1948 and up until the beginning of the 1980's was solely a film prize. We have no information regarding Heintje's award other than it was presented in 1970.


Silberne Schiff Award from Radio Veronica

Hein received 2 awards from Radio Veronica. The second award was on 26th July, 1974.

Goldene Antenne (Golden Antenna) Award

After an absence of 17 years, the BRF (Belgium Radio and Television Centre) brought back the Goldene Antenne Awards which were presented on the 9th October, 2010 in the Festival Hall in Kettenis. There were 3 new categories ... Schlager, Volksmusik and a Life-time Achievement Award.

Hein won the Goldene Antenne in the Schlager category, Vincent & Fernando in the Volksmusik category and Tony Marshall for his life's work.


Legenden Award from online magazine Smago!

On 13.01.2019 Hein received the Legend Award from online magazine Smago! for being the most successful child star of all time and 50 years later - in a duet with himself (Heintje). The award was presented in Berlin at the Mercure Hotel MOA.


Gold records ...

On 13th December, 1968 for sales of his records, Heintje received from the director of Ariola Records 10 gold records consisting of :

  • 5 x Heintje (LP) (1,250,000 sales)
  • 3 x Weihnachten mit Heintje (LP) (750,000 sales)
  • 1 x Mama (Single) (1,000,000 sales)
  • 1 x Ich bau' dir ein Schloss (Single) (1,000,000 sales)

On 20th February, 1970 in the Netherlands Heintje received his first gold records. During a flight in a chartered aircraft, he was presented with 7 gold records for 10,000,000 in sales! In addition, in Germany, he received a further 6 gold records :

  • 1 from Switzerland for 250,000 sales
  • 1 from South-Africa for 250,000 sales
  • 4 from the Netherlands for 1,000,000 sales

In addition to these, in London on 28th July, 1970 Heintje was presented with gold records from Australia and New Zealand.

In Munich, on 24th January, 1972 Heintje received a further 12 gold records :

  • 5 x Heintje (LP) (2,500,000 sales)
  • 2 x Weihnachten mit Heintje (LP) (1,250,000 sales)
  • 3 x Ich sing ein Lied für dich (LP) (750,000 sales)
  • 1 x Dein schönster Tag (LP) (250,000 sales)
  • 1 x Heidschi bumbeidschi (Single) (1,000,000 sales)

Heintje has received, in total, 40 gold records and 10 platinum discs.

Gold records ...