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The Heintje Simons Fan Club was started in Holland in 1998 primarily for local fans. However, since 2004 we have looked for members outside of Holland and now we also have members in Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Luxemburg, South Africa and the USA.

The Dutch members come together at club meetings to socialise and talk about Hein and his music. When there's a concert appearance, we all try to be there so it will be extra special and we can meet Hein again. Some members are active for the club, and some members aren't. It doesn't matter which kind of fan you are, you'll always be welcome in our Club if you like Hein's music.

As a member, you will receive information about TV broadcasts, performances, charts and more topical issues. You will receive a Birthday and Christmas card signed by Hein. Also, twice each year you will receive the club magazine. If you want to become a member of our club you can for 20 € each year.

You can register by completing the application form.

We will then send you the necessary information for payment of the fee. When your payment is received we will send your membership card as soon as possible by post.

Welcome to our Club !!!


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